I have troubles finding what I am looking for

Help Search & Find I have troubles finding what I am looking for

If you cannot find something in Archives Portal Europe that should be there, this can be because:

It is not available in the repository yet. Please note that not all archives have made available the whole of their archival descriptions, and ingesting new descriptions and catalogues in Archives Portal Europe is done by our partners on a constant basis. They can decide how much and what to share on Archives Portal Europe, depending on their digital strategy, means to convert archival catalogues in a digital form, or other factors: if you cannot find something that you are sure it exists on the portal, don't get frustrated -- maybe the archive has not been able to upload the digital descriptions yet, or maybe they do not want to share them online for some reason. We encourage you to contact the archive, and to register to the portal and stay up to date with the newsletter: we will notify you of any time new material becomes available on the portal.

The finding aid does not contain the keywords you are using. You may have different ways of referring to something than the archivists who originally compiled the archival description -- or, a finding aid can be very scarce with details. Try different keywords, or search in Topics. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you in your research.

You are using the wrong filter. You may have accidentally excluded the documents you are looking for from the search by applying a filter. This can happen easily particularly with filters such as "date", which may not have been specified in the archival description -- for example, you look for a document that you know was created on the 18th March 1918; however, only finding aids that have the date in a machine-readable form will be displayed in the results.

Try to search again with fewer filters -- this may mean that you have to scroll through more documents, but it will be a more inclusive search.

Archives Portal Europe is a project in the making, and will remain so until all of the archival catalogues of all institutions in the world will have been converted into a suitable digital form and uploaded to the system. This means that it will remain a project in the making for decades, and we can make it better with your contribution! Please help us by submitting any relevant piece of information that can make the portal more complete, and please do consider becoming a volunteer.