How can I help?

Help Introduction How can I help?

There are many ways in which you can contribute to Archives Portal Europe:

If you are an individual, you can become a Registered User. That way you will have, completely free of charge, your own virtual office on Archives Portal Europe to save your searches, bookmark documents, share them with anyone you want, and collaborate with the portal, making suggestions to improve it. One of the most interesting things you can do as a registered user is to add topics! Our Content Providers assign a topic to their archival collections, and our users and volunteers can improve this by also assigning topics to the documents they search and creating new topics. To know more about how topics are organised and created, please visit our Research Tools section.

You can become an Ambassador. We are always looking for people interested in promoting the usage of APE locally, in their languages and for their interests. If you are a student it is a unique experience to work closely with archival institutions in your area and internationally. You will have the chance to do professional networking all over Europe, gain new skills, help your community of archivists and researchers, and boost your CV.

Or finally you can join us as Content Provider.

If you work for an archival institution, please get in touch with us! We welcome any type of institution holding archival heritage related to Europe.