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#Industrial Heritage - Latvia: The construction of the Kegums Hydro Power Plant and the rise in living standards

The construction of Kegums Hydro Power Plant was one of the most important events in Latvia in the 1936-1939 period. It was positively welcomed by the entire society, which recognised it as an opportunity for rapid economic growth, electrification of the Latvian territory, and general improvement of the living standards.

Charter of Privileges by George II. Rákóczi, Prince of Transylvania

Imogen Holst archive: papers of a passionate and open-minded woman musician

Archivo Simón Ruiz: European commerce in the Modern Ages

The archive of the merchant banker Simón Ruiz Envito (Belorado, 1525 – Medina del Campo, 1597) unquestionably represents a unique set of documents of its kind in Spain, since no other such record of a major businessman of the 16th century has been preserved.

#BuildingPeace – Serbia: the treaties

From the Historical Archives of Belgrade, a copy of the Treaty of Versailles, the Treaty of Saint-Germain and the Treaty of Neuilly

#BuildingPeace – Germany: the conditions of peace

The documents on the German reparations discussed during the Paris Peace Conference, one of the most heated points of discussion

#IndustrialHeritage - Greece: setting Europe in motion

Railway Athens - Piraeus archives from the collection of the General State Archives of Greece (1920s)

#IndustrialHeritage - Germany: practice makes the master

A visit to Royal Mercantile College in Chemnitz from the collection of Chemnitz University of Technology (1875 to 1930s)

#Industrial Heritage - Hungary: privilege from the tailor and cropper guild of Zilah

#IndustrialHeritage - Lithuania: changing everyday life

From the collection of the Lithuanian Central State Archives (1920s to 1930s)

#IndustrialHeritage - Albania: from the mines to luxury products

Highlights from the collection of the Photographic Archive of the Central State Archives (1920s to 1940s)

ETH Zurich University Archives: The First Sketch of the Eiffel Tower

In 1884 the ETH Zurich alumn Maurice Koechlin drew a sketch of a "tower 300 m tall" – the initial idea for the later world famous Eiffel Tower constructed as the entrance to the 1889 World's Fair in Paris.

#AllezDemocracy 03 - The Slovenian independence referendum (1990)

An #AllezDemocracy special on the 1990 referendum for the independence of Slovenia, a landmark date in the history of the Balcans

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk- 3 March 1918

Coronation Diploma of King Francis Joseph I (1867)

#AllezDemocracy 02 - The Law of Epidaurus: Provisional Government of Greece

#AllezDemocracy 01 - Swiss Federal Archives: The Geneva Conventions

Lithuania: Pope Gregory XIII Bull Confirming the Establishment of the University of Vilnius

Cartographic Collection from the Croatian State Archives

Highlights from the Cartographic Collection of the Croatian State Archives, which has more than 4600 processed and analytically described cartographic items – and counting

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