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Scope and content

The archival guide on Dutch-Japan relations contains online references to documents, present in Dutch archival institutions, regarding the relation between the two countries since 1600 - 2000.

Previous version

This online version of the guide is based on the previous version of 2001. Research for that edition was done by historians: Drs. Lennart Bes, Drs. Sebastiaan Derks, Drs. Rick van Velden, Drs. Jan Fernhout and Dr. Pieter Koenders, who coordinated the project. The online Japanguide is composed by Drs. Jacqueline Reeuwijk.


This 2016 version of the guide is not an attempt to give a complete and full set of all the archives on Japan-Dutch relations present in the Netherlands. However, this guide does give an overview of the most important archives concerning this relation, from the first encounter till the recent archives of the 21st Century. Furthermore, only written archives are included in this guide, no published archives are present in this guide.


guide is organized in time periods, being:

1) VOC period (1607 – 1795)

2) Period (1795 – 1940)

3) WWII (1941 – 1950)

4) Modern times (1945 – 2000)


Relevant databases concerning the topic of Dutch-Japan relations. For example the interneringskaarten Dutch, VOC Opvarenden (Dutch), or the TANAP database (English) with information on the archives of the VOC.

TANAP database

VOC Opvarenden (Sailors)

Japanse Interneringskaarten


To the extent possible under law, Nationaal Archief has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to these index records. This work is published from: the Netherlands.