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These papers deal with the treatment of suffragette prisoners by the General Prisons Board (GPB), mainly during the period 1911-1914. The series consists of GPB files on individual and groups of suffragettes who were imprisoned for their activities in Mountjoy, Tullamore and Belfast Prisons, and of files created by the Chief Secretary’s Office, both on individual suffragettes and on the policy implications of their treatment in prison. There is much material on the hunger strikes embarked upon by suffragette prisoners, on the practice of forced feeding carried out by the prison authorities, and on the use of the ‘Cat and Mouse’ Act [Prisoners (Temporary Discharge for Ill Health) Act 1913] against hunger-striking suffragettes. There are also several petitions from individuals and groups in Ireland and Britain objecting to the imprisonment and treatment of Irish suffragettes. The series also includes material on persons who were not suffragettes but who went on hunger strike while imprisoned during the period 1912-1919, including James Connolly and Frank Moss of the Irish Transport Union, Francis Sheehy Skeffington in 1915, and political prisoners in the 1916-1919 period.

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