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Abstracts from a contract of marriage between Jacob Flatow and Jenny Ssskind at Krefeld
A collection of biographical accounts
Address by Rabbi Avidan
Address in honour of Sir Moses Montefiore
Address to the Jewish Communal League
Administrative correspondence and papers addressed to the municipal officers of San Miguel de Pedrosa (province of Valladolid, Spain)
Album of photographs of the Egyptian expeditionary force
Apologia for the conduct of a Spanish priest at Chiclana de la Frontera, Andalusia, under French occupation
Archive of the Central Council for Jewish Community Services
Archives of Jewish Care
Archives of the Anglo-Jewish Association
Archives of the Council of Christians and Jews
Archives of the JEWISH CHRONICLE newspaper
Archives of the Joint Committee of the Four Secondary Teachers' Associations
Archives of the London Board of Shechita
Archives of the Union of Jewish Women
Archives of the West London Synagogue of British Jews
Archives of the World Congress of Faiths
Art collections
Article by Rene R.Leigh
A Spanish treatise on the taxation of the clergy
Autobiography of Dr D.Fuerst
Autograph letter from F.D.Mocatta
Autograph letter from Michael Henry to James Picciolto
Bensusan papers
Bibles of the Watts family and notes on Dr Watts
Bindings and pastedowns from the collections of Southampton University Library
Broadlands archives
Bullar manuscripts
Carver manuscripts
Certificates of competence (kabbalot) for butchers
Circular for the opening of the Jewish Communal Kosher Restaurant
Circumcision registers and papers
'Claridoro i Rosamira: poema mixta'
Collection of autographs, letters and signatures
Collections relating to industrial archaeology
Commonplace book
Commonplace book of poetry
Conducting scores of Gustav Mahler
Confirmation service held at South London Liberal Synagogue
Congleton manuscripts
Copies of correspondence between Marrano merchants
Copies of correspondence of members of the Elliot (Eliot) family
Copies of four letters concerning Jewish immigrants in London
Copies of Jewish betrothal and marriage contracts
Copies of papers from the archives of The Times relating to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Copies of papers relating to Rabbi Chaim Zundel Maccoby
Copies of papers relating to the Jewish community in Liverpool
Copies of papers relating to the Plymouth Hebrew Congregation
Copies of sermons
Copies of the
Copy of a biographical sketch of Abraham Myer
Copy of a diary of a journey to England by Johann Schult
Copy of a genealogy of the Davis-Espir family
Copy of a letter from Juda Monis to Robert Woodward
Copy of a list of Jews in Denmark complied by the German authorities during World War II
Copy of the De Pass family register
Copy of the reminiscences of Thomas V.Edwards
Correspondence and geological papers of Thomas Webster
Correspondence and papers, mainly of Mrs Eliza Davis
Correspondence between J. W. Croker and the third Viscount Palmerston
Correspondence, mainly of R.J.D'Arcy Hart
Correspondence of Burton's Tailoring about clothing for Orthodox Jews
Correspondence of David S.Sassoon
Correspondence of Dr Salis Daiches
Correspondence of Messrs. I.Courts about the sale of German goods in England
Correspondence of the municipal administration of Martin Munoz de las Posadas (province of Segovia, Spain)
David Spector collection
Dayan Louis Mendelsohn
Deeds for Petersfield, Sheet, Greatham and Hawkley
Deeds for the Irish estates and family settlements of the Earls of Mornington
Deeds relating to property in Petersfield, Sheet, Liss and Mapledurham, Hampshire
Deeds relating to the Manchester Synagogue, Park Place, Cheetham Hill
Design work of A.Games for Jewish publications
Diaries and papers of Clarence I. de Sola
Diaries of Moses Vita Cassuto
Diary of G.Eastlake, visiting northern Spain
Document relating to a divorce decree of Sarah/Rebecca Yitshak Yakob
Documents relating to Liverpool Jewry
Drawings by or after L. Cambiaso
Editorial notes for the
Education Aid Society papers
Eling deeds
Ernest Woolf
Essay by W. F. Perkins
Essays and short stories by F.W.Maxwell
Eulogies in praise of Nathaniel Vechner
Evidence of Cardinal N. Wiseman before the Select Committee on the Law of Mortmain
Extract from the
Family papers of Leo Wolff
Feisenberger family papers
First Delphic Hymn, transcribed by Benjamin Britten
Four letters
Franklin family papers
Freemasonry certificate
French poetry
Genealogical material relating to the Cowan family
Genealogical notes on the family of Rabbi Jechiel Michl
Genealogical notes relating to the family of Paul Nelke