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301 - 400 / 1334
English-Palaung [? Shwe Palaung] dictionary
English translation of Philip Baldaeus's short introduction to the Malabar [i.e. Tamil] language [viz. the Malabaarsche Spraakkonst]
English-Yao Dictionary, by Sylvia Lombard
'Enterprise in Oil: the history of Shell in Singapore, 1891-1960', by Yeo Ai Hoon
Entwurf zu dem Kriegsschauplatze in Asyr vor dem Jahr 1824, von einem Zogling de turkischen ingenieurschule zu Assuam in Komfode
Epigraphic Papers of Gordon Hannington Luce
Essay on 'The Tantras or Treatises inculcating demon worship among stoical Bramins under the name of the Sacti Puja'
Ethnographical study of the Kipsigis people of Kenya and an unpublished fictional account of Kipsigis life by Ian Q Orchardson
Evangelion qaddishe d Luqa msabrnu [The Gospel of St Luke]
Exercise book containing notes to and translation of parts of Tentawi ya-Ityopya temhert by Habta-Meryam Warqenah
Extracts from the correspondence and diaries of Harriet Newell
Fabric paintings by Malagasy artists
Fairley, Robert and Margaret
Findlay, William Hare
Firman issued in the name of Sultan Mehmed IV from the Ottoman camp at Bursa in the ten day period 11th - 10th Dhu'l-Qa'da 1069 (31 July - 9 August 1659) and addressed to the qadi of Izmir (Smyrna)
Formosa [Taiwan] (Coast of China) published [London]
Formosa [Taiwan] : map showing the districts in which sugar is produced published [London] by Harrison
Formosa [Taiwan] published [London] by Harrison
'Forward: The Voice of the People'
'Four Women, Four Wars'
Fragment of a canonical tantra
FRELIMO (Frente de libertacao de mocambique) [Front for the Liberation of Mozambique]
'From the mouths of our countrymen: The careers and communities of Tswana evangelists in the nineteenth century', by Stephen C. Volz
'Fruitos da Arvore da Vida. Traduzido e composto pello P. Antontonio de Saldanha'
Fundraising Certificate, Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society
Gandhayung Nat Chit Se Phaw Nee
Gazetteer map of Garhwal prepared for E T Atkinson's Gazetteer published in Dehra Dun by the Office of the Superintendant , Great Trigonometrical Survey
Ge'ez (Ethiopic) Psalter with folios from the Mazmura Dawit [Book of Psalms] and Waddase Maryam [Praises of Mary].
General and Geographical Account of the Honourable English East India Company's Possessions on the West Coast of Sumatra
General karte von Aegypten und der Sinai Halbinsel mit Benutzung de handschriften hydrographischen Aufnahmen de Nilthales von L de Bellefonds bearbeitet und gezeeichnet von H Kiepert published in Berlin by H Kiepert
General map of part of Japan published [London] by Harrison
General railway map of Japan published [London] by Harrison
Geological map of the Bellary District by R B Foote published [Calcutta] by the Survey of India
Glass lantern slides of China by Evan Evans Bryant
'Go and Teach All Nations', by Rev Michael Whitehorn
Godsil Family Photographs
'Gold Coast papers'
Gouvernement revolutionnaire de l'Angola en exil
'Grammatical Analysis Code', by Ruqaiya Hasan
Grammatical Work
Gshen rab mchog bde bar gshegs pa yang dag par rdzogs pa'i sangs rgyas gshen rab mi bo kun las rnam par rgyal ba'i mdzad pa'i rnam pa bkod pa'i dpe ris bsam 'phel nor bu zhes bya ba bzhugs
Gter ston cho skyor gling pa'i bla ma'i rnal 'byor 'brel ba'i zhal gdams smon tshigs yel ba bzhugso
Gul Khan Nasir
Gu ru'i sgrub thabs dang tshes bcu'i tshogs mchod tshul zhes bya ba bzhugs so
Guthrie Corporation
Guthrie Corporation Archive
Guzerat published in Dehra Dun by the Survey of India
Haarseth, M
Handwritten History book of the Ewe people of West Africa
Hardyman Madagascar Collection
Hassan Musa Mail Art Collection
Hausa language course notes produced by Voluntary Service Overseas
'Heiji Monogatari' [Tale of the Heiji Insurrection] and Hogen Monogatari [Tale of the Hogen Insurrection]
Heinemann Educational Books Ltd Manuscripts Collection
Hichens, William
Hikayat Hang Tuah [Story of Hang Tuah]
Hillier Family Papers
Hind ba Hindusthan ka naksha [Map of India in Hindi by J B Tassin] published in Kalikata
Hiraql [Heraclius], three Swahili poems.
His Highness the Nizam's Dominions including the assigned districts of Berar [Corrected edition] published in Calcutta by the Survey of India, first published in 1886
'Historia de Ethiopia a alta, ou Abassia: Imperio do Abexim, cujo Rey uulgarmente he chamado Preste Ioam...'
'History of High Ethiopia or Abyssia, Empire of the Abyssinians, whose King is commonly known as Prester John'
History of Pate
Hni Lese, Upaca Sepa
Holt Collection of the Mahdi
'Home Support for Overseas Missions in Early Victorian England c.1838-1873'
Hong Kong extension published [London] by the Intelligence Division, War Office
Hope-Bell, Elspeth
'How the Gospel came to South East Shanxi', by Dr Norman Cliff
Hua-i t'u [Map of China and the barbarian countries] rubbing of a stone engraving at Sian dated 1137
Hunter, John
Hyderabad survey published in Calcutta by the Survey of India
Hymn entitled 'Take each Hand in Friendship', by Rev James Taylor
Illuminated address and presentation to Rev William Bennett upon his departure from Queensland, Australia
Illuminated manuscript expressing the thanks of the London Missionary Society to Rev
Illustrated London News: Fürer-Haimendorf articles on the Nagas
Index to Alexander Dalrymple's collection of maps, charts, and plans and a list of six volumes of memoirs
Index to minutes of evidence of Native Economic Commission
Index to the standard sheets of H H The Nizam's dominions and assigned districts of Berar published in Calcutta by the Survey of India
India and adjacent countries published [Calcutta, Survey of India]
India: A People Partitioned Oral Archive
'Indian Mutiny Scrapbooks'
'Indische Porträts (16-19 Jahrhundert)'
'Informal Empire in Crisis: British Diplomacy and the Chinese Customs Succession, 1927-1929'
'Inka no ato o tazunete: minami Peru no tabi yori'
Instructions for Sumatra, West Coast
Intelligence reports relating to the Reang Rebellion, Tripura, 1943-5
Inter-Church Aid and Refugee Service Archive
International Committee on Christian Literature for Africa Archive
International Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
International Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Joint Archive
Interserve Archive
Interviews by Dr Jocelyn Chatterton with former Protestant missionaries in China
'In the Service of the Kingdom: Dr Edward Arthur Hunter as Medical Superintendent of the Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesha, Nigeria, 1929-41', by Jonathan Clement
'Introduction to the scripts of South Asia and Ceylon'
Inventory of Historical Manuscripts, National Archives of Zambia
Inventory of papers of Bishop John William Colenso at the Natal Archives, Pietermaritzburg
Inventory of papers of Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr at the University of Witwatersrand Library, South Africa
Inventory of S. M. Molema collection of political ephemera relating to the African National Congress, Yale University Library
Inventory of Zulu Society Collection (1936-48) held in the Natal Archives, Pretoria