Γενικά Αρχεία του Κράτους - Κεντρική Υπηρεσία

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Dafnis 61, Athens 15452





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9.00am - 3.00pm


Public Transport: Attiko Metro Line 3 (blue line) metro station PANORMOU. Exit: Panormou – Belou. Buses nr. 036 or no 651 from bus station ST. PANORMOU (see red square on the map 1) on Panormou Avenue, just outside the metro exit. Get off the bus just after you see the GSA building on your right hand side, on the stop called 8th Psychikou (see red square on the map 2).

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Access conditions: Accessible to the public
Disabled access: Facilities for disabled people are available
Searchroom: 70 places
Searchroom contact
E-mail address:
0030 210 6782208
Computer places: 8 places
Public internet access: Available


Reproduction services: Reproduction services available
Digitisation service: Available
Photocopying service: Available
Photographic service: Available
Microfilming service: Available
Conservation laboratory: Conservation laboratory available
Extent of holdings: 25000 m
Date of the archives foundation: 1914
Archives act:

Establishment law.380/1914 “On the establishment of a State Archives Service” (concerning the Central Service of the General State Archives) The Law was voted under Eleftherios Venizelos’ government thanks to the efforts of professor Spyridon Lamprou and those of the historian-researcher Giannis Vlachogiannis, in order to “collect and supervise all public archives including documents dated up to 50 years ago”. Giannis Vlachogiannis, who donated his valuable collection to the General State Archives, was the first Director of the General State Archives and Nikolaos G. Politis was the first president of the Supervising Committee. The already existing Archives of the Ionian Islands, Crete and Samos were incorporated into this service. Development Law Α.Ν. 2027/1939, “on the reorganization of the service of the General State Archives”, establishment of Regional Services under the names “Permanent Local Archives” and “Local Historical Archives”.

Archive departments:

Indexing and Cataloguing Department

Appraisal and Disposal Department

Planning, Coordination and Studies Department

Conservation and Reproduction Department

Secretariat and Accounting Department

Reading Room and Library Department

Special Service of Government’s Prime Minister, Ministers and General Secretariat Archives

Archive building:

The construction works started on 1972. Bureaucracy and financial reasons delayed the beginning of works until 1979, when the building's frame was constructed. The building remained unfinished until 1998, when its completion was undertaken by the Organization for School Buildings. The architectural design of the building of the G.S.A. Central Service, a product of the cooperation between four architects, received the grand prize in a pertinent national contest in 1978. The delay in implementing the study obviously made an update necessary, so it can cope with modern demands. In 1997, the readjustment of a section of the architectural study was approved, as well as of almost every electromechanical facility. After the 1999 earthquakes, despite the fact that no damages occurred, the static body of the building was reinforced and the final stage for completing the project began. The structure was basically completed in the three-year period of 2000-2003 under the supervision of OSB. The equipment (mobile filing cabinets, furniture, etc) have been donated by Bodossaki Foundation. The building is built on the slope of a hill and has access to three roads. Its visible section is lined with white marble and bears large expanses of glass. It has two entrances, 30 parking spots and it is surrounded by a garden with grass. The structure, of 6.500 m2 total surface, is organized in six successive levels (A-F, starting from the ground): The main entrance was placed in level D, along with the reception and lobby, the lecture and seminars hall, and with part of the offices. Level E, in the form of a mezzanine with open balconies overlooking level D, houses the remaining offices and the cafeteria. Level F contains the Reading room, along with the Library and the Directorate's offices. The repositories are located in levels A, B and C. Level A is underground and contains the special, shielded protection area for precious documents, a large hall for storing documents (745 m2) and the rooms for the electromechanical facilities. In levels B and C, there are six (1202 m2) and four (745 m2) rooms respectively, where archives are kept. The two specific floors, following ground inclination, have only a section of their perimeter wall outside the ground, while their roofs are external accessible terraces, paved with marble, which reach to the natural soil. In the back section of level C (above ground level), there is the entrance to the archived material, the disinsection chamber, the classification halls and the laboratories for maintenance, binding and photo shooting.

Extent of the archive buildings area: 6.500 m2 m2
Other information
Name of the archive (in other languages):

General State Archives - Central Service

Type of archive:

National archives

Last update: 29.01.2015
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