Welcome to the Archives Portal Europe

The Archives Portal Europe provides access to information on archival material from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent.

You can search in:
  • 249,606,375 descriptive units of archives
  • 21,338 persons and entities
  • 6839 institutions

Joint access to European archives

By giving access to archival material from all over Europe, the Archives Portal Europe provides the opportunity to detect common relations in a comprehensive approach while at the same time reflecting the diversity of national and regional developments. Read more...

Years of collaboration and development

The Archives Portal Europe is made available through our technical investment. In particular, we have spent a considerable amount of time developing standards and tools to manage highly complex data. Read more...

Combined search facilities

In addition to a simple full text search, the Archives Portal Europe offers an advanced search concentrating on aspects such as dates as well as a navigated search for browsing through the archival material. All approaches can be followed separately or in combination. Read more...

Contact details and services

Within the section "Directory", information such as contact details or opening hours of the archival institutions can be consulted. This not only includes those institutions already featuring their archival material in the Archives Portal Europe, but also other institutions from the participating countries. Read more...