Navigation guide

Welcome to the navigation guide of the Archives Portal Europe. The different parts of the navigation guide as listed below will describe and explain the constituent sections and functionalities of the portal, the type of information you can find in the portal and where it can be found. In particular, the combined search strategies available on the Archives Portal Europe will be described in detail, including some examples of searches to be made. This will be complemented by an explanation of the way in which the search results are presented.

The Archives Portal Europe will be further enhanced and extended in the future; your feedback is therefore welcome via the contact form.

Where to find what in the Archives Portal Europe - a quick overview

To orientate yourself within the Archives Portal Europe you will find some general information on the header and the footer menu in this quick overview. Furthermore, the homepage will be described briefly, together with its main sections and functionalities. Read more...

How to explore the Archives Portal Europe - searching and search results

The Archives Portal Europe allows combined searches across national and regional materials. In addition to a simple full text search for content that can be precisely defined, the portal offers a range of advanced search options such as selecting countries and archives or types and dates, which can be used independently from or in combination with each other. Read more on searching and the presentation of search results in the constituent sections.

Where to find additional information - institutions, tools and the project

Information on archival material as presented and searchable within the Archives Portal Europe is complemented by details on archival institutions throughout Europe in order to assist the users first steps when planning a consultation of records on-site. Furthermore, you can find background information on the project behind the Archives Portal Europe and the tools developed in that framework. Read more...

What to see at the Archives Portal Europe - presentation of archival content

Archival material reflects the way an administration functions and is ordered in different collections, fonds, series or subseries. The finding aids, holdings guides and source guides are the tools produced to help the user understand this original ordering, and to enable her/him to find and understand what s/he is looking for in the archival material. Read more...