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A piece of German-Hungarian history: Hungary, "The gap in the Iron Curtain"

25 years ago, socialist Hungary did much for the elimination of the Cold War's confrontation and for the enforcement of human rights. These merits were also recognised by the European Parliament.

The Dragon Order - the second secular order of Hungary

King Sigismund of Luxembourg and Queen Borbála Cillei founded the Order on the occasion of the victory over Bosnia, with the sign of a dragon. The name of the Order refers to one of the most popular medieval legends, namely St George's struggle with the dragon. The constitution of the Order of the Dragon was approved by Pope Eugene IV on 24 July 1433.

Spain: The Treaties of Utrecht

The Treaties of Utrecht, also known as the Peace of Utrecht or treaties of Utrecht and Rastatt, are a series of multilateral treaties signed by the belligerents in the War of Spanish Succession between 1712 and 1714.

Sweden: Appointment of ambassador to The Netherlands, 1614

Sweden's first permanent embassy was opened in The Hague in 1614 under the reign of Gustav II Adolf. The reason behind choosing the Netherlands came quite natural, since the relations with that country was of great importance to Sweden's foreign politics.

The Netherlands: Treaty between the King of Sweden and the Republic of the Netherlands, 1614

The 1614 treaty between The Netherlands and Sweden was an immediate result of the Kalmar wars of 1611-1613, which resulted in a ban on all Dutch traffic to Sweden. In order to secure free entrance to the Baltic, the Dutch entered anti-Danish alliances with the Hanseatic league in 1613 and with Sweden in 1614.

Greece: Charta of Greece, 1797

This is the fourth page of the Charta of Greece, containing the title: "The Charta of Greece showing its islands and part of its numerous colonies in Europe and Asia Minor".
The cartouche framing the map title has highly elaborated decorations and includes mythological themes.

Poland: General Confederation of Warsaw 1573

The Confederation of Warsaw was a "social agreement" in which noblemen citizens found a common way to solve problems of the country and state in a peaceful way. This solution was guaranteed this solution by their own personal commitment, represented by more than 200 seals visible today.

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