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RO-BU-F-00312 - CLIX/14 bis

The Islaz Proclamation

9 iunie 1848

Scope and content

The Islaz Proclamation – written on yellow silk in Romanian, with cyrillic letters, represents the program of the Wallachian revolutionaries, the first document with democratic features, and contains 22 demands/points: administrative and legislative independence, equal political rights, total independence of the printing-press, equal education regardless of gender, abolition of body punishment – considered to be undignified, abolition of death penalty s.o. During the 1848 processions it was presented on a cushion and read on the Filaret Plain in front of the people. The inscription on the flag of Revolution was "Justice and Brotherhood", which, as well as the Islaz Proclamation, originates in the French Revolution motto "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité".

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