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RO-BU-F-00043 - file 107, f. 3.

Electoral poster for the suffrage in 1938


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Electoral poster for the suffrage in 1938, on behalf of Dem. I. Dobrescu (former major of Bucharest 1929-1934, Radical Peasants' Party). His political programme promises:

"He will price a bread at 5 lei, because his nickname is «Dobrescu big bread»!"

"He will price fish at 6 lei/kg for poor people."

"He will bring wealth in our capital!"

"He will bring food for poor children!"

"He will assure milk and fish fat for poor children!"

"He will put an end to the robbery from the City Hall!"

"He will decrease the dues and fees!"

"He knows how to form a market for us to the city center, on Dâmbovița River!"

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