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Harlaxton College - University of Evansville, 2011-ongoing

2011 - ongoing

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Items relating to Harlaxton College dated 2011 onwards, including the 40th anniversary of Harlaxton as the British Study Centre of University of Evansville (1971-2011), July 2011.



System of arrangement

Location: Box 18

  • UE4/1 Folder of items relating to 40th anniversary celebrations, July 2011
  • UE4/2 Beckett, Mike (2011). A conversation with Chris Meadows. Village Link Magazine, November 2011
  • UE4/3 The Innovation Symposium, 2012. Karla Stouse, Indiana University, Kokomo
  • UE4/4 The William Jewel College Choir, May, 2012. Programme and touring itinerary
  • UE4/5 Front Entrance Courtyard Bronze Statues restoration, July 2012. CD with video. Photographs
  • UE4/6 Gravity Fields, September 2012. UE4/6/1 Programme; UE4/6/2 Richardson, P. Historic food has no comparison. Grantham Journal, Sept 28, 2012
  • UE4/7 King's School visit and Planet Walk, March 2012
  • UE4/8 O Harlaxton and British Studies . Words and music by Kay Gandy, Fall 2012
  • UE4/9 Mason, C. (2013) London Calling. Daily News, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Jan 29, 2013
  • ImageWest International, Summer 2013 destination: England. Brochure
  • UE4/11 WKU in England leaflet
  • UE4/12/1 Harlaxton College head to retire. Grantham Journal, July 26, 2013 [Dr Gordon Kingsley]; UE4/12/2 Invitation for Retirement event honouring Gordon and Suzanne Kingsley, June 2014
  • UE4/13 Newton, G. (2013) Veteran Paratroopers remember war dead. Grantham Journal, Nov 8, 2013 [Remembrance Service in Pegasus Courtyard]
  • UE4/14 American students given a tour of the town. Grantham Journal, undated
  • UE4/15 Misner, J (2014). New campus leader fosters study abroad in a repurposed palace in Britain. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Sept 29, 2014
  • UE4/16 University of Evansville's Study Abroad Program ranked #1 in America. AceNotes Extra, University of Evansville, Jan 22, 2015
  • UE4/17 Harlaxton Manor pop up papercraft produced for a wedding, June 11, 2016
  • UE4/18 Staff photo, June 2016 [2 x A3 colour copies]
  • UE4/19 Dinner and dance to welcome new intake. Grantham Journal, Jan 19, 2018
  • UE4/20 An English Experience. CD with music and video by George Speckert. Donated May 2016
  • UE4/21 Secret Places. CD with videos by George Speckert, 2016. Available online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0Tov-NbvAk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0Tov-NbvAk
  • UE4/22 Folders relating to chronological semesters
  • UE4/22/1 Fall 2011 College Library Summer 2011; Photo boards Fall 2011
  • UE4/22/2 Spring 2012
  • UE4/22/3 Fall 2012
  • UE4/22/4 Spring 2013, includes Dedicatory Convocation for Pegasus Tower Apartment and Schroeder Courtyard, March 2013; Yearbook Spring 2013; Summer 2013
  • UE4/22/5 Fall 2013, includes Yearbook [30 items]
  • UE4/22/6 Spring 2014, including Yearbook; Summer 2014
  • UE4/22/7 Fall 2014, including Yearbook
  • UE4/22/8 Spring 2015, including Yearbook
  • UE4/22/9 Fall 2015 (photoboard only)
  • UE4/22/10 Spring 2016 including Order of Service for Stephanie Ann Marcotte memorial service, 31 March 2016
  • UE4/22/11 Fall 2016 (Yearbook only)

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