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Harlaxton Manor - Memories of former staff and visitors

1850 - ongoing

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An onoing collection of memories, personal accounts of Harlaxton Manor from servants and visitors or from descendants, mainly dating from Pearson Gregory and Van der Elst eras (late 1800s to late 1940s).

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Added by Linda Dawes, College Librarian, November 2017. Updated June 2018.



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Location: Archives Box 10

  • mem/1 Harris. Photograph of a group of housemaids at Main Entrance Door of Manor dated 1888, including Urania Stevens (1864-1945), who married Alfred Winter Harris (kitchen gardener) (1861-1947) in 1890. Donated by great grandaughter, Ann Harris (May 2015). [scan on MRD mem_Memories of staff and visitors\mem_1 Ann Harris 1888]
  • mem/2 Thomas Summerfield, Head groom on 1881 census. Correspondence from great grandaughter dated Aug 1996. Link with Easton Hall.
  • mem/3 John Barker, footman in 1851. Progressed to Under Butler by 1881. Contact via email from Gt Gt Grandson, 2014.
  • mem/4 Notes for tour guides dated 2000 - includes installation of electricity 1946-9; Mr Pearce; 1938 Witley court items; 1945 Gatehouse occupants Steele and Wheeler; Jesuit Kenneth Kahn visit notes.
  • mem/5 Ward. Email from Maureen Toms dated 2001 regarding village blacksmith George Ward.
  • mem/6 Notes from telephone call Mrs Croker 1994, descendent of Sherwin.
  • mem/7 Darbourne. 15 x scanned photographs donated by Maureen Darbourne (2013), daughter of Arthur Darbourne, Chef at Harlaxton Manor in 1950s. [scans on MRD]
  • mem/8 Sandilands. Notes relating to Elizabeth Sandilands (1821-1885), Housekeeper for Gregory Gregory.
  • mem/9 James Coy. Notes relating to graffiti by James Coy in Gatehouse "1863 March 3 This door hung by J Coy". Information about the Coy family supplied by descendent, Jennifer Coy (2015). [MRD: Gatehouse]
  • mem/10 Chambers/Dickinson. Information donated by a descendent of Chambers and Dickinson family. George William Chambers was farm bailiff for Mr Pearson Gregory. William Dickinson (1818-1888) and son John Dickinson (b. 1855) were both Gamekeepers. Daughter of John, Edith, m. Mark Chambers. Brother of George William Chambers. [photocopies of family tree; photographs from family scrapbook]

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