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Collection of typewritten transcriptions, notes and extracts from a variety of sources relating to Harlaxton village. Compiler unknown (James Murden?).

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Added by Linda Dawes, College Librarian, November 2017

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Harlaxton is mentioned in the 1086 Doomesday Book as "Herlavestune". The name derives from the Old English Herelaf+tun, meaning "estate or farm of Herelaf". In 1740 a burial urn was uncovered in the village containing Roman coins. The history of Harlaxton village is tied to that of Harlaxton Manor

The original manor house dated from the 14th century and stood south of the church off Rectory Lane where the original moat can still be seen in gardens there. It is recorded as having been used as a hunting lodge by John of Gaunt. It was purchased and occupied by the De Ligne family around 1475 eventually standing empty from 1780 until 1857 when it was pulled down. By this time the present Harlaxton Manor had been built some distance to the East of the village.

The life of the village was tied to that of the Lords of the Manor and the Estate, with many villagers employed by, and their houses and cottages tied to, the estate. This remained the case until 1937 when the estate was broken up Most of the older houses in the village were built by the De Ligne and Gregory families.

Source: Harlaxton Parish Council website http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Harlaxton/ [accessed 17/11/2017]

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Location: Box 11

  • loc/2/1 Information about Harlaxton from Kelly's Directories in Lincoln Castle Archives - 1861, 1868, 1872, 1876 [typewritten notes]
  • loc/2/2 Harlaxton as it was in the early twentieth century. A question and answer session between Mrs. Dimmock, who lived in the village since 1890s and who formerly kept the village Post office, and Miss Rosalind Ellwood, from Durham University.
  • loc/2/3 Domesday Book. Sundry extra items
  • loc/2/4 Recorded activity in the Grantham are during the Civil War
  • loc/2/5 Place name of Harlaxton; Population figures for Harlaxton 1801-1931
  • loc/2/6 Lincolnshire notes and queries
  • loc/2/7 Lincoln Record Society. Lincoln Wills. The testament of William Breylesforth of Harlaxton. Letter from W. B. Punchard Agent to Welby Estate to W. A. Blyth, Univ of Manchester, 1954
  • loc/2/8 Harlaxton Glebe Terrier 1634, 1697, 1708, 1800, 1864
  • loc/2/9 Extracts relating to Harlaxton from"Wyggeston Hospital Records" by A. Thompson, Leicester Corporation, 1933
  • loc/2/10 Extracts relating to Harlaxton from Lincoln Record Society publications
  • loc/2/11 Transcriptions of references to the district round Harlaxton by famous travellers of the past: Leland, Camden, Fiennes (1697)
  • loc/2/12 Harlaxton village cross; From Notes Historical and Antiquarian by Sir Alfred Welby - The Winnibriggs Plantation
  • loc/2/13 Monuments of superstition - Harlaxton. Harlaxtonne. Richard Arnold and Nicholas Colbie, churchwardens, 9 April 1566.
  • loc/2/14 Treasure trove on the site of a former Lincolnshire Rectory by C. J. Murden. Reprinted from the Lincoln Diocesan Magazine, Sept. 1968
  • loc/2/15 Notes about action taken concerning common land during John Blewitt's time
  • loc/2/16 Notes about Harlaxton from various sources: Country Life 1906; 1937; Sale Catalogue 1937; Nottingham Evening News 1937; Grantham Journal undated; Turnor, 1806; Grantham Journal July and Aug 1855.
  • loc/2/17/1 Murden, James (1976, reprinted 1982). Harlaxton through the ages. ; loc/2/17/2 1994 reprint
  • loc/2/18/1 Excerpts from Turnor (1806) The history of the town and soke of Grantham. p. xvi Population in 1800; p. 105-107 Church; p.110-112 Manor; map; p.119-120 Denton Church; p.125-6 Williams family pedigree
  • loc/2/18/2 Excerpts from Turnor (1806) The history of the town and soke of Grantham . p.196-7 transcript of Appendix 2 Coal mining in Belvoir; notes [typewritten transcript]
  • loc/2/19 Pavord, Anna (1994). Gardening: Cottage industry show: Small villages bursting with flowers and fruit trees are one of summer's sweetest treats. The Independent 13 Aug 94. Description of Harlaxton village
  • loc/2/20 Harlaxton Conservation Area - map; History; Statutory list of buildings of special interest contained within the conservation area, 1979
  • loc/2/21 1991 Census area profile Harlaxton Parish
  • loc/2/22 Harlaxton Village information sheet, Harlaxton Parish Council, Aug 1994
  • loc/2/23 Harlaxton Village Walk. Produced by Linda Dawes, College Librarian, harlaxton College (2014)



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This collection may have form the research notes for Murden, James (1974). Harlaxton through the ages



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