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Skanski family Mechanic, Chauffeur, Handyman Harlaxton Manor

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Jerzy (George) Skanski (1915-1976) was one of the Polish workforce employed by the Jesuits during their time at Harlaxton Manor (1948-1966). Jerzy Skanski was a mechanic, chauffeur and general handyman. He married Helena Czyjt in 1953.

This collection of papers and documents relating to Harlaxton Manor was donated by Jerzy's sons, Stefan and Jon Skanski, in January 2018.

System of arrangement

  • jes/9/1 Ancaster Quarries receipts. 5 original documents, 85 x 65 mm. 3 dated August 13th 1839, nos. 354, 355, 356; 1 dated August 14th 1839 no. 357; 1 dated October 1st 1839 no. 460. Give details of number of feet and inches of stone supplied during building of Manor
  • jes/9/2 Newspaper cuttings; jes/9/2/1 Sheard, John. House with 150 rooms - and a romantic history. The Nottingham Evening Post, June 19, 1959; jes/9/2/2 Harlaxton Manor is re-opened once more by the Jesuit Community. In mothballs for the past five years. Grantham Journal, August 17, 1962.; jes/9/2/3 Back in residence at Harlaxton yesterday. Grantham Journal, Sept 14, 1962; jes/9/2/4 Sir Alfred Welby. An ancient family. The Welbys, now of Denton and Allington. Source and date unknown.
  • jes/9/3 Description of painting. Harlaxton Manor, the original house in 1800 just before it was vacated. Watercolour by James Bourne, 1800. Ballustrade now of SW Terrace at current Manor. Presented by Sir Oliver and Lady Welby
  • jes/9/4 Correspondence dated 26 November 1948 from P J Treanor SJ (Campion Hall) to Fr. Cammack regarding date of clock tower opening, reorganisation of mailboxes thus: Polski, Americani, Etrangers, Natives
  • jes/9/5 Whitehead. Correspondence from C. P. Whitehead to Rev Swindells SJ dated July 1963 requesting a visit to Manor. Mr C. Whitehead was a footman for T. S. Pearson Gregory 1912-17. He met his future wife there. Further correspondence dated August 1963 after visit, detail regarding bell pull in entrance hall and gates at top of Lion Steps.
  • jes/9/6 Welby, Sir Charles G E (1937). A note on the Manor of Harlaxton and its history . Reprinted from Grantham Journal.
  • jes/9/7 Photograph of visitation of his Lordship the Bishop of Nottingham at Grantham, 14 November 1934 (Year incorrect?). Father Cammack third from right. Cutting from Grantham Journal dated 19 November 1948 showing same photograph
  • jes/9/8 Catalogue of the contents of the mansion, 1937. Annotated with prices.
  • jes/9/9 Harlaxton Manor Estate. Particulars of the Sale. 28 September, 1937. Catalogue annotated with prices, sold before sale, withdrawn. Includes small photographs of key properties and 2 coloured estate maps
  • jes/9/10 Contents auction catalogue, 1948. Signed inside E L Ransome-Wallis and annotated with prices
  • jes/9/11 Harlaxton to be a College. Country Life, March 26, 1948
  • jes/9/12 Harlaxton Manor Lincolnshire - I and II. Country Life, April 11/18, 1957. Photocopies.
  • jes/9/13 Series of handwritten and typewritten notes relating to Jesuit activities Historia Domus Manresa and Harlaxton
  • jes/9/13/1 Manresa House. Historia Domus. 1961
  • jes/9/13/2 Historia Domus 1. Manresana 2. Harlaxtonensis. 1962. Details move from Manresa to Harlaxton, September 1962. "A good deal of supplemntary work had to be done at Harlaxton after the arrival of the Community; e.g. an organ was installed in the domestic chapel; provision made for the library (Harlaxton being nearly destitute); extension of the hot water pipe system; installation of the telephone; conversion from coal to oil firing. Not all these were finished by the end of the year."
  • jes/9/13/3 Historia domus, 1963.
  • jes/9/13/4 Historia domus, 1963. Details Novitiate, other activities, health and change of residents and other. "1. The intercom system of telephoning in the house was installed, to the great convenience of all; 2. The "Minicoach", after a long delay, was delivered on Jan 22. It was a great boon for those old and inform men who could not walk to the main road in order to catch the bus; 3. The weather during the winter was very severe with heavy snow falls and drifts. the snow lasted for 6 weeks or so; 4. Steam was installed for cooking; 5. Polythene curtains were fixed in front of the Refectory windows in an attempt to lessen the cold and draughts; 6. There were changes in the boiler department, made so as to provide more hot-water for the laundry; 7. A large asphalt court was made for the Novices at the back of the house about April, and was much used; 8. The Lodge (built 1863) at the front gate was pulled down in order that something more modern and convenient might be built. This was in May. By December half the new house was up; 9. Secular Clergy meeting; 10. Boring for water was begun, our supply not being sufficient. But the water obtained was not very satisfactory; 11. Grantham Charter Quincentary (1463); 12. The approaches to the house were renewed and tarred; 13. Bishop of Lincoln visited; 14. The House (tower) clock was repaired and chimed again on December 20th, after a long silence."
  • jes/9/13/5 Historia Domus Harlaxtonensis, 1964. Novitiate until Sept, Sept-Dec. Novices departed for Edinburgh and the house became a training centre for Junior Brothers. Fire alarm bells installed, also used as duty bells. Lift cables renewed in November. Cottage at main gate rebuilt and inhabited July 1st. Sewage disposal project, sewage farm built on Jesuit land.
  • jes/9/14 Notes on the history of Harlaxton Manor collected by Bernard Weatherhead S. J. 1. Edmond Turnor, 1806 including pedigrees of de Ligne and Gregory; 2. Memorials of de Ligne and Gregory families in Harlaxton Church; 3. Jottings from Sir Charles Welby's "The Manor of Harlaxton" 1937; 4. Various notes on the history of Harlaxton from various sources: Turnor, Thoroton, Godfrey; 5. Inscription and dates on buildings etc.; 6. List of rooms at Harlaxton Manor taken from the Catalogue of Mr T Pearson Gregory's Sale, 1937; 7. Notes from Country Life article, 1906 and 1957
  • jes/9/15 Cutting from New York Herald Tribune Guide 1954 p62. Not sure of relevance to Harlaxton Manor apart from photograph of Chateau of Chambord which bears some architectural resemblance

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Donated by Stefan and Jon Skanski, January 2018

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