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Harlaxton Manor - Drawings and Plans

1830 - 1851

Scope and content

A collection of over 150 original plans and working drawings of Harlaxton Manor, rediscovered in the attics in May 2017. There was evidence that these had been catalogued in 1980 due to the presence of labels applied to the plans using and numbering system and reference HD, accompanied by a limited number of handwritten index cards. When discovered, the plans were in an extremely fragile and fragmented state. Deterioration has halted by storage in archival pockets to although cataloguing and photographing before relocating to a more suitable location such as Lincolnshire Archives.

Records creator's history

A set of around 150 original building plans, diagrams, sketches and stone masons' drawings were rediscovered in the attics of Harlaxton Manor in April 2017. These appear to be actual working plans used during construction of the Manor and show the influence of Gregory Gregory throughout. The few dates which are present suggest these plans relate to the whole period of construction from Salvin in 1830s to Burn in 1850s. Unfortunately the plans are mostly in a very fragile and fragmented state.

Subsequently a list was found which gives evidence that the plans were first discovered on 21 October, 1980 in the "Plaster Room", above the former Brewery, now the kitchen. "The papers were in a relatively good condition except that they were covered in bird dirt and straw and also mice had been at them. The papers were removed from the room and were catalogued. Several were conserved for Harlaxton Manor, while the remainder were sent to the Lincoln Archives for storage as the conditions at the University were unsuitable." Unfortunately, this relocation apparently never occurred and the plans further deteriorated.

Archival history

By dates on some of the items these are the original plans presumably drawn by architects, builders, stone masons and the owner, Gregory Gregory.

Processing information

Added by Linda Dawes, College Librarian, June 2017

System of arrangement

List of Harlaxton Manor Drawings and Plans

(Reference HD numbers use those found on plans applied in a previous cataloguing; HDU used where previous numbers have been lost)

Key: Reference Description; Date; Notes [Size; Condition] Link to online photograph

  • HD1 Newspaper receipt: "No. 112 Wm. Gregory Williams Esq Dr. to Ann Ward in Coney-Street, York. To York Courant, for one year due July 20th 1784 £0.13s.0d. To postage £0.0s.4d. Total £0.132.4d. Received August 14 1784 the Contents above from Mrs Ward. Signed Wm. Storry" Date: August 14 1784. The York Courant was a newspaper which was produced at this date by Ann Ward from a printing press on Coney Street, York. [16.4 x 7 cm; Fair, ink fading] photograph photograph
  • HD2 Handwritten receipt. "Serlby Sept 20th 1784. Recd of Wm Gregory Williams the sum of Twelve Pounds for goods and carriage from Nottingham by me Thomas Lockwood Mark" . Date: 20th Sept 1784. Serlby Hall was the first home of William Gregory Williams and his wife Olivia. Their son Gregory was born there in 1786. [20.5 x 8 cm; 2 fragments, very fragile] photograph photograph
  • HD3 Cross section with written annotations by Gregory Gregory? 1st lay of base course? [27 x 19 cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD4 Richard Hornsby, Agricultural Machine Maker, and Iron and Brass Founder, Spittlegate, Grantham. Invoice to Gregory Gregory Esq. On reverse: Mr J Howlson, Harlaxton Hall 16 August 1838 [16.5 x 21 cm; fair] photograph Note: John Howlson was probably the Foreman, he is reported to have chaired the 12th annual rejoicing of the building of the Manor. photograph
  • HD5 Materials accounts, listed by month Feb-May. Abract of Ancaster Stone [21 x 34 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD6 A Layout of marble for Great Hall Floor [23 x 45 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD7 Two ink line drawings depicting two variations of metal fencing and gates. Pencil writing on reverse [23.5 x 12 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD8 not present
  • HD9 Fragment of plan [20.5 max x 16 max cm]
  • HD10 Small fragment, floor plan of a square shaped building, possibly gazebo? [11 x 9 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD11 Small fragment, doorway pediment [joined with HD33;13 x 15 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD12 not present
  • HD13 Fragment [25 x 33 cm]
  • HD14 Molding profile, pedestal base? [18.5 x 23 max cm; Fragment]
  • HD15 Small sketch Lion Terrace [joined with HD132; 21 x 16 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD16 A & B in two pieces. Profile designs for door, window sill and over fire [24.5 x 16.5 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD17 not present
  • HD18 Fragment of inked drawing [25 x 14 cm; Fragment] photograph photograph
  • HD19 not present
  • HD20 Fragment [joined with HD41; 18.5 x 23 cm; Poor]
  • HD21 Plan [27.2 x 21.5 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD22 Cross-section. Pencil diagram with measurements and annotations in ink, dated 25 May 1839. "2 of this complete except staples. The billet on under side of shoe to be 8x4 & 2 ins from point of shoe" [19.7 x 11.5 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD23 Fragment with pencil annotations. Measurements on reverse. [12 x 22.5 cm max; Poor]
  • HD24 Fragment, annotated Floor level of landing [joined with HD31 and 133; 6 x 14 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD25 Fragment [10.5 x 12 cm; Poor]
  • HD26 Fragment with pencil anotations of materials lists [23 max x 16.5 max cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD27 not present
  • HD28 Elevation of a Gazebo doorway [22 x 28.5 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD29 Fragment [31 x 18 cm max; Poor]
  • HD30 Fragment of profile [20.5 max x 22.5 cm max; Very fragile] photograph photograph
  • HD31 Fragment, annotations [joined with HD24 and 133; 18 x 10 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD32 C. Saunders, 36A Sw… Daywork. Customer. Workman. Days in first column starting Wednesday Start and Finish in next two columns. Reverse: Work done. Unused Undated. C. Saunders of 36A Swinegate, Grantham were firm of Electrical Contractors who went into liquidation in 1957. [10.3 x13 cm; Fragment, torn] photograph photograph
  • HD33 not present
  • HD34 Fragment: Profile of molding [21 x 20 cm; Poor]
  • HD35 not present
  • HD36 A Fragment - Blank; B Fragment - blank [10 x 11.5 cm; Poor]
  • HD37 Fragment [36 x 17 max cm; Poor]
  • HD38 Pillar sketch [16 x 20 cm; Fair, perforated for binder] photograph photograph
  • HD39 Fragment showing floor plan [joined with HD147; 27 x 20 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD40 James Hartley & Son Window Glass Manufacturer. Price list. See: http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/James_Hartley_and_Co [15.5 x 11 cm; Fair, perforated for binder] photograph photograph
  • HD41 Small fragment [joined with HD20; 9.5 x 7 cm; Poor]
  • HD42 Fragment: annotated Holes to the left 2 feet wide to receive the cast iron abatement [23.5 x 21 cm max; Poor]
  • HD43 Fragment [13 x 21 cm; Poor]
  • HD44 Fragment [18 x 15 cm max; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD45 A&B Three cross sections, shaded blue, with annotations and dimensions. Labelled Harlaxton Manor Sept 18th 1838 ? [23 x 19 cm; Torn in half] photograph photograph
  • HD46 Fragment [20 x 24 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD47 Small construction drawings (face and reverse) [24 x 21 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD48 Fragment [15 x 8 cm; Poor]
  • HD49 Handwritten in pencil, a personal letter or notes. Written on a sheet from a telephone message pad. Undated but from 1900s. Could be song lyrics by Violet Van der Elst? (Similar handwriting) Or a World War II love letter?. [18.3 x 26 cm; Hole in centre, fragile, yellowing] photograph photograph
  • HD50 Elevation of wall between gazebos? [53 x 65 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD51 Elevation, arch Carriage House (side) [33 x 53 cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD52 Drawing [28.5 x 22.2 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD53 Drawing of gazebo pinnacle detail [45 x 57 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD54 not present
  • HD55 Elevation of wall between gazebos [33 x 53 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD56 Ball on gable over archway [44.5 x 28.5 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD57 Cope of small pedestal at Terrace Steps [26.5 x 32.5 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD58 Elevation of an arch or niche, possibly Great Hall? [31 x 24.5cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD59 Floor plan of passageway from Cedar Staircase to Conservatory, by Gold Room. Small sketch of doorway with barley sugar columns. [31 x 24 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD60 Fragment, profile [22 x 6 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD61A Fragment: Rear elevation [22 x 30 cm max; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD61B Fragment [30 x 11 cm max; Poor]
  • HD62 Pinnacle Gazebo? [59 x 75 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD63 Profile [44 x 56 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD64 Arch detail [19 x 29 cm max; Fragments] photograph photograph
  • HD65 Floor plan - Conservatory? [30 x 50 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD66 Drawing [joined with HD74; 30 x 38 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD67 Sketches front and reverse - profiles [22 x 33 cm; fair] https://www.flickr.com/photos/harlaxtoncollegelibrary/34743550462/in/album-72157682005421260/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/harlaxtoncollegelibrary/34743550462/in/album-72157682005421260/
  • HD68 Detailed elevation of stairs leading up from Entrance Hall [65 x 54 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD69 Details of panels, possibly doors on Blue Corridor [34 x 34 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD70 Cope of ballustrade at terrace steps [33 x 26.5 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD71 Drawing fragment [joined with HD115 and 118; 30 x 28.5 cm max; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD72 Decoration detail Conservatory or wood panelling decoration in Great Hall? [33 x 53 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD73 Elevation of wall above Main Entrance Hall staircase and landing that leads into Dining Room [59 x 37 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD74 Large elevation on one side showing a gazebo like structure and balustrading. Annotated: 1 foot above the ground on … slope 12 feet high. Line of ground now excavated. Level of water stepped. [joined with HD66; 88 x 45 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD75 Profile [54 x 26 cm max; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD76 Stonemason's drawing, profile of pillar, with pouncing [30 x 45 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD77 Entrance Door Stag's Hall (Great Hall) [33 x 26.5cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD78 not present
  • HD79 Plan [33 x 52 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD80 Plan [23.5 x 63 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD81 Floor plan [32 x 26.5 cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD82 Profile labelled: Balluster for Terrace Steps (half size) [33 x 53 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD83 (+ HD100 ) Elevation (in fragments) [54 x 65 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD84 Plan: pillar profile [33 x 53 cm] photograph photograph
  • HD85 Profile [30 x 50 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD86 Profile of a pinnacle (half size) [57 x 54 cm; Fair]
  • HD87 87/89/130 Gatehouse Elevation (3 pieces) [47 x 64 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD88 not present (could be HDU16 below)
  • HD89 see HD87 Gatehouse elevation
  • HD90 Fragment [joined with HD54; 45 x 30 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD91 Drawing [24.5 x 30 cm; stained] photograph photograph
  • HD92 Profile [30 x 45 cm; poor]
  • HD93 not present
  • HD94 Elevation [34 x 19 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD95 Drawings of pillar profiles front and reverse [28 x 33 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD96 Fragment [joined with HD103; 59 x 22 cm max; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD97 Profiles [30 x 27 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD98 not present
  • HD99 Cross-section annotated with list of materials [32 x 23 cm; Poor]
  • HD100 see HD83 Elevation
  • HD101 Large floor plan [47 x 44 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD102 not present (see HDU7 below)
  • HD103 Profile [60 x 67 cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD104 Plan [38 x 59 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD105 Plan annotated Stable Yard (face and reverse) (Carriage House?) [54 x 54 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD106 Large plan of a scroll profile [118 x 70 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD107 Stone mason's drawing, profile with pouncing and sketch of item finished [50 x 60 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD108 not present (see HDU 12 below)
  • HD109 Profiles: Conservatory Gable N end [65 x 53 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD110 not present (see HDU10 below)
  • HD111 Floor plan [33 x 43 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD112 not present
  • HD113 Plan labelled Harlaxton Hall 1842 annotated Iron beam [Very fragile] photograph photograph
  • HD114 Drawing with annotations. "GG" [38 x 54 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD115 State Dining Room column [33 x 38 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD116 Profile of Chimney cope [23.5 x 43 cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD117 Fragment [48 x 27 cm max; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD118 Fragment [38 x 45 cm max; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD119 Pounced fragment [10.5 x 17.5 cm; Poor]
  • HD120 Detail of frieze, 3 variations [37 x 52 cm; Fair] https://flic.kr/p/VkFQcs https://flic.kr/p/VkFQcs
  • HD121 Profile of pillar [33 x 23 cm; Fair]
  • HD122 not present
  • HD123 Profile [60 x 74 cm; Fair]
  • HD124 Great Hall base of stone pillar at doorway [53 x 65 cm; Fair] photograph photograph
  • HD125 State Dining Room ceiling detail [58.5 x 74 cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD126 Profile [53 x 67 cm; fair]
  • HD127 Pinnacle profile [58 x 73 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD128 Stone mason's drawing [37 x 60 cm; Fair but torn] https://flic.kr/p/VkFNYW https://flic.kr/p/VkFNYW
  • HD129 not present
  • HD130 see HD87 Gatehouse elevation
  • HD131 Fragment showing steps [43 x 39 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD132 Italian Garden plan, summer house sketch [joined with HD15; 30 x 37 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD133 Fragment: steps [joined with HD24 and 31; 30 x 29 cm max; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD134 Diagrams front and reverse. Ball. [53 x 65 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD135 Drawing of bracket [31 x 24.5 cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD136 Drawing of panelling and profiles [21 x 33.5 cm; Very fragile] photograph photograph
  • HD137 Fragment [37 x 24 cm max; Poor]
  • HD138 not present
  • HD139 Drawing of column profiles [37 x 54 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD140 Curved fragment, stonework [30 x 50 cm; fair] photograph photograph
  • HD141 Profiles [50 x 60 cm; fair]
  • HD142 Various drawings, barley sugar twisted columns [57 x 74 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD143 Large full size stone mason's diagram [53 x 130 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HD144 and HD145 join together to form stonemason's diagram, pounced in places, of column. Annotated Stag's Hall (Great Hall column) [32 x 53 total with HD145; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD145 Fragment, with pouncing, joins HD144 Great Hall column, see above [33 x24 cm; Poor]
  • HD146 Fragment [33 x 27 cm; Poor]
  • HD147 Fragment in two halves [32 x 30 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD148 Fragment [36 x 33 cm; poor]
  • HD149 not present
  • HD150 Profile (full size) [100 x 58 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HD151 not present
  • HD152 Profile [55 x 73 cm; Fair]
  • HD153 Fragment [44 x 18 cm max; Poor]
  • HD154 Profile [45 x 56 cm; Poor]
  • HD155 Fragment [27 x 30 cm; poor]
  • HD156 Fragment [28 x 30 max cm; Poor]
  • HDU1 Plan and profile of pillar and scroll working plan with dimensions [31 x24.3 cm max; Poor, very fragile] photography photography
  • HDU2 Fragment [16.5 x 7 cm; Poor]
  • HDU3 Fragmented drawing [51.5 x 50 cm; Poor]
  • HDU4 Fragment [37 x 20 cm max; Poor]
  • HDU5 Large drawing, fragmented [53 x 66 cm; Poor]
  • HDU6 Large drawing, cross-section of archway, fragmented [53 x 53 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HDU7 Large plan showing Front Circle and side lawn area of garden [75 x 55 cm; Poor] photograph Scale: 3/8 inch to 10 feet photograph
  • HDU8 Very fragmented [30 x 42 cm max; Very poor] photograph photograph
  • HDU9 Fragment: stonework window detailing [21 x 31 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HDU10 Front Circle layout drawing, annotated April, 1851 [60 x 48 cm; Poor] photograph photograph
  • HDU11 Pinnacle [Fair] photograph photograph
  • HDU12 Conservatory North Gable (full size) [58 x 75 cm; Fair]
  • HDU13 Circular design [112 x 48 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HDU14 Profile, labelled York stone Hard stone York Carving ? [53 x 60 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HDU15 Pilaster profile and stone decoration [33 x 60 cm; poor] photograph photograph
  • HDU16 Elevation of Front Entrance Door [33 x 53 cm; poor]
  • HD157 Catalogue numbering for the documents and drawings of the house and grounds that were found in a loft above the Brewery (now the kitchen) on 21st October 1980. [4 x copies of 1980 cataloguing list; 1 copy in Map Chest; scanned on MRD]

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HD157Catalogue numbering for the documents and drawings of the house and grounds that were found in a loft above the Brewery (now the kitchen) on 21st October 1980. [4 x copies of 1980 cataloguing list; 1 copy in Map Chest]

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Harlaxton Manor Harlaxton Grantham Lincolnshire United Kingdom Europe
Personal names:Gregory Gregory 1786-1854 Owner, Harlaxton Manor, 1838-1854 Salvin Anthony 1799-1881 Architect

Burn William 1789-1870 Architect

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Gregory Gregory 1786-1854 Owner, Harlaxton Manor, 1838-1854

Salvin Anthony 1799-1881 Architect

Burn William 1789-1870 Architect

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