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  • Gregory Heirlooms. Christie's, London. June, 17, 1878. 172 lots producing a total of around £15,180
  • Gregory Heirlooms by order of Sir Charles G. E. Welby. Christie's, London. June 27, 1900. 60 lots producing around £11,000
  • Harlaxton Manor and Contents Sale. June, 1937. Thomas Sherwin Pearson Gregory. Manor sold to Mrs Violet Van der Elst.
  • Grantham Castle Contents Sale, June 1948. Mrs Van der Elst. Manor sold to The Society of Jesuits.

Records creator's history

Throughout its history, Harlaxton Manor has experienced a number of estate and contents sales, the most notable being Gregory Heirlooms Sale (1878), Harlaxton Manor Estate and Contents Sale (Pearson Gregory, 1937) and Grantham Castle Contents Sale (Mrs Van der Elst, 1948). This is a collection of catalogues from these sales, and others relevant to the history of the Manor.

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  • cat.1.1 Catalogue of the Gregory Heirlooms ... being a portion of the Collection formed by the late Gregory Gregory esq., for the adornment of his Seat, Harlaxton Manor House, Lincolnshire. Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods. June 17, 1878. [Copy of original held at Christie's, London]
  • cat.1.2 3 x duplicate copies of above
  • cat.1.3 Newspaper cuttings and information relating to sales, 1860, 1878
  • cat.1.3.1 The Times, Aug 21, 1860. Sale of valuable outdoor effects. George Gregory
  • cat.1.3.2 The Times, June 17, 1878. Gregory Heirlooms Sale announcement
  • cat.1.3.3 The New York Times, July 30, 1878. Embarrassment of riches
  • cat.1.3.4 The New York Times, 1878. Book and art sales
  • cat.1.3.5 Email notes by Dr Christopher Hanlon, 2010 relating to Gregory Heirlooms and extracts from British Architect and Northern Engineer, 1876 and The Academy, 1878
  • cat.1.3.6 Notes on D'Eyncourt v Gregory [Original inventory held in National Archives, London; copy of Inventory held in Manor Archives]
  • cat.1.3.7 D'Eyncourt v. Gregory, The Weekly Reporter , Volume 15, 1867
  • cat.1.3.8 The Times , Monday, Jul 17, 1876; pg. 11; Issue 28683; col A. High Court Of Justice. Chancery Division, July 15. D'Eyncourt v. Gregory
  • cat.1.3.9 The London Gazette, May 3, 1878. D'Eyncourt v. Gregory A portion of Gregory Heirlooms. Sale announcement.
  • cat.1.3.10 Nottinghamshire Guardian, June 21, 1878
  • cat.2.1 Harlaxton Manor Estate, Particulars of sale, September 28, 1937. Messrs. Jackson Stops & Staff [Copy of original owned by Sheila Harris, 2011; online version ; see also accompanying plans in Map Chest] online version
  • cat.2.2 3 x duplicate copies of above [cat.2.2.3 supplied by Val Burns, 2014]
  • cat.2.3.1 Harlaxton Manor, Catalogue of the Contents of the mansion for Sale by Auction June, 28th, 29th and 30th, 1937. Messrs. Foster, London. [79 pp., annotated copy donated by Mrs P Fox, Grantham; copy online ] copy online
  • cat.2.3.2 Sale announcement in Country Life , July 17, 1937
  • cat.2.3.3 Grantham Journal, October 2, 1937. Entire Village Sold
  • cat.2.3.4 A silver mounted cigar holder, c 1905 excellent condition
  • cat.3.1 Denton Manor Catalogue of Valuable Contents and Library , Escritt & Barrell, Grantham, 1938. Note on p.3 "Most of the important items came to Denton in 1860 from Harlaxton Manor ... where they formed part of the collection made by Mr Gregory Gregory in the first half of the last century and which came to the Welby family by the terms of his will" . Library Catalogue note p.3 "Many of the books catalogued here were purchased early in the 19th century by Mr. Gregory Gregory of Harlaxton Manor the well known collector, which accounts for the long series of rare items in various languages on Art, Architecture, Gardens, Geneaology and similar subjects; these are usually bound in original morocco or calf, frequently with elaborate gilt tooling and in some cases with crests on sides..."
  • cat.3.2 Duplicate copy of Denton Manor Contents Sale Catalogue, 1938
  • cat.3.3 Duplicate copy of Denton Manor Library Sale Catalogue, 1938
  • cat.4 A catalogue of the antique and modern surplus furnishing contents of Grantham Castle . By order of Mrs Violet Van der Elst. Messrs. Place & Kirk, June, 1948. [3 x copies of catalogued, an annotated copy originally donated by Paul Mengal, nephew of Mrs Van der Elst, May 1975. 2 x further copies in yellow folder for internal loan. copy online ] copy online
  • cat.5 Extract from Jesuit Inventory of Harlaxton Manor, 1965. [p. 193-196, 2 x copies. Original document held in Archives.]
  • cat.6 Cover of Dog World Annual 1971 showing Harlaxton Manor as home of The Baymer Stud [this purchase fell through; original cover and copy]
  • cat.7 Extract and photograph from Sotheby's Catalogue. British Paintings 1500-1850, November 10, 1993. Lot 19: Portrait of a gentleman, probably Sir Daniel de Ligne (d. 1656). This painting was sold in the Thomas Pearson Gregory Christie's sale, June 1937, lot 47. Sold in 1993 sale for £6,000.
  • cat.8 The Exceptional Sale, Christie's, London. July 5, 2012. Lots 7-11 Works of art from the Collection of Gregory de Ligne Gregory (d. 1854) at Harlaxton Manor [Copy of catalogue extract; pdf available on Manor Research Drive]
  • cat.9 Land sale, 2015. Advertisement from The Grantham Journal , June 5, 2015
  • cat.10 Copy of To Let Furnished advertisement. Country Life, Sept 26, 1968
  • cat.11 Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods (1937). English and French Furniture Porcelain and Object of Art and Important Tapestry. The properties of ... Thomas Sherwin Pearson-Gregory, Esq. deceased. Wednesday May 26 1937. Illustrated catalogue. [See Frontispiece; Lots 150-170 p. 37-40; Lots 245-250 p. 55-56]. Scan available on Manor Share drive.
  • cat.12 Christie's (2014). Centuries of Style, Silver, European Ceramics, Portrait Miniatures and Gold Boxes. Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 November 2014. [See Lots 555-612 p. 288-331 Works of Art from the Collection of Gregory de Ligne Gregory and Sir Glynne Earle Welby-Gregory Bt.]

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