One dream of many people

We are a passionate international team working to create a one-stop web service to make European archives as accessible as possible. Colleagues from all over Europe work together very closely to make this dream come true. Previously users had to visit various archival websites for their research, but the Archives Portal Europe enables them to find information more efficiently from millions of archival materials stored in hundreds of archival institutions. This is the first time European archives have collaborated on this scale, and the potential that these connections provide is enormous for both archival professionals and the users.

The Archives Portal Europe is one of the main milestones achieved by the participants of the APEx project supported by the European Commission in the ICT PSP programme. The project's consortium currently consists of 33 partners of 32 countries. Those interested in more background information or in the possibility to participate in the project may refer directly to the project's website at:

It is also our mission to deliver data to Europeana, another flagship European Commission project to build a single access point for online cultural heritage collections from libraries, archives, museums, and audio-visual domains. We are an important strategic partner of Europeana and we are working with them to develop a common digital infrastructure for cultural heritage across Europe.